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Will it save money and be more energy efficient

What is the ultimate low-carbon energy saving system that’s available today?

Does it really work?

Could I receive funding from the Government?

How is the heat transferred into a building?

How are the loops installed?

How much loop will I need in the ground?

How energy efficient is a heat pump?

Where should I put a heat pump?

Do they make much noise?

Can under floor heating be used with a heat pump?

Will it heat a building on the coldest winter day?

Will it provide enough hot water for baths showers & domestic hot water?

Can I heat a swimming pool?

Can a system be placed in an old building?

Is my garden suitable for a ground loop?

How well insulated does my home have to be?

What type of heating system should I use?

Is the system intended for a new development?

Where will I make savings?

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

What is the Green Deal?

What are the Pitfalls?

How efficient is a ground source heat pump system?

Why have I never heard of these systems before? Are they new?

How large are these units?

Can the systems provide cooling?

Can I use a standard domestic electricity supply?

I am currently designing a new house which will be extremely well insulated. Would a ground source heat pump system be worth considering and is it straightforward to install?

My architect suggests I install underfloor heating in my new house. Is this OK?

I have an older style property. Can I still fit a GSHP system?

Can radiators be used inside my house instead of underfloor heating?

Can a competent plumber install a heat pump to run my central heating system?

Could I install the heat pump outside or in my car-port, garage or basement?

I have been told long trenches will have to be dug on my land to house the ground loops but – my land is too rocky to dig trenches – can I still fit a heat pump system? I don’t have enough land to dig long trenches – what do I do?

Are GSHP systems really environmentally friendly?

Are Ground Source Heat Pumps dangerous? What about servicing and maintenance?

Are these systems expensive?

New buildings and drying them out!

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